Digital Audio Essentials
Bruce Fries, Marty Fries
Paperback - 384 pages (May 2005)
An indispensable reference for music enthusiasts, digital archivists, amateur musicians, and anyone who likes a good groove, Digital Audio Essentials helps you avoid time-consuming, costly trial and error in downloading audio files, burning CDs, converting analog music to digital form, publishing music to and streaming from the Web, setting up home stereo configurations, and creating your own MP3 and other audio files. The book — for both Mac and PC users — includes reliable hardware and software recommendations, tutorials, resources, and file sharing, and it even explains the basics of the DMCA and intellectual property law. You may (or may not) already know the basics of ripping CDs or downloading music, but Fries will show you so much more — including advice on the multitude of MP3 players on the market, stereo options, file formats, quality determinations, and the legalities of it all. Both a timely, entertaining guide and an enduring reference, this is the digital audio handbook you need to make the most of your expanding digital music collection.
How to do Everything with MP3 and Digital Music
Dave Johnson, Rick Broida
Paperback - 400 pages (November 2001)
A hot new release in the extremely popular How to Do Everything series, this friendly, solutions-oriented book is filled with step-by-step details on how to create, download, upload, play — and even remaster — MP3 and digital music files. You'll also get a completely up-to-date survey of peer-to-peer file sharing services like Napster, Aimster, Gnutella, and others, and details on all the latest and best MP3 players, both desktop and portable.
MP3 for Dummies
Andy Rathbone
Paperback 2nd edition - 360 pages & CD-ROM (May 2001)
Covers all the essentials you need to know to find, download, create, share, save, and hear MP3 files. You'll find out about the enhanced features of the new release of MusicMatch Jukebox as well as the newest portable and home stereo MP3 players. This and updated edition also covers the newest features on as well as coverage of the "bad boys" of MP3 — notably the Napster file swapping service. The book's CD includes MP3 players — MusicMatch Jukebox and WinAmp — as well as a sampling of free MP3 files to test out.
MP3: The Definitive Guide
Scot Hacker
Paperback - 400 pages (May 2000)
MP3: The Definitive Guide introduces the power-user to just about all aspects of MP3 technology. It delves into detail on obtaining, recording, and optimizing MP3 files using both commercial, and Open Source methods. Coverage is complete for four platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux and BeOS. In depth chapters describe all aspects of the MP3 experience from distributing, streaming, broadcasting, converting and playing to archiving your collection. Readers will learn how to test their equipment, optimize their encoding times, evaluate their playback options, control and organize a collection, even burn their own CD's or distribute their own music to a massive worldwide audience over the Internet. In addition, the author fills readers in on the complex legal issues surrounding MP3 files. Everything you need to know to enjoy MP3 today and tomorrow is contained in this single volume. MP3 is here to stay, and the applications for this versatile compression format are expanding exponentially along with its user base. MP3: The Definitive Guide should appeal to a broad audience of users, from those just getting into this exciting new technology, to those who want to fully immerse themselves in the complexities and possibilities that MP3 presents.
I Want My MP3!: How to Download, Rip, & Play Digital Music
Bill Mann
Paperback - 365 pages (October 1999)
MP3 is the hottest thing to hit the music industry since CDs. However, this seemingly simple method of finding and playing music is problematic for the average computer user. The software is buggy, and the hardware constantly changes. Top that off with dozens of confusing new terms like "ripped" CDs and new hardware that uses mini-hard disks and flash memory cards and you have a recipe for confusion. The book slices through all that and tells the reader how to play, record, and download their music exactly the way that they want.
The Official Guide to MP3
Michael Robertson, Ron Simpson
Paperback - 215 pages (September 1999)
MP3 is changing the world and the way you listen to it. The popular, easy-to-use technology lets you easily download songs and even entire albums of near-compact disc-quality music from the Internet. The Official Guide to MP3 launches you into this music explosion with in-depth discussions of the latest software and hardware, as well as user-friendly tutorials on how to download music and even sell music online. The most comprehensive resource on MP3, this book tells you which websites to visit and provides valuable tips for the music lover, casual surfer, musician and computer enthusiast. Beginners can get up to speed on MP3, and experienced users will benefit from discussion on advanced features.
The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook: Your Guide to the Digital Music Revolution
Christine Finn (Illustrator), Martin Fries, Bruce Fries
Paperback - 320 pages (June 1999)
The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding MP3 and Internet Audio. It explains the basics of digital audio and downloadable music in a simple, easy-to-understand language, and provides step-by-step instructions to help eliminate time-consuming trial and error. Included are instructions for creating and playing MP3 files, recording music on a PC, burning CDs, and obtaining music via the Internet. This book provides hardware and software recommendations, instructions on connecting a PC to a hi-fi system, tutorials for popular software, and lists of Internet radio stations and downloadable music sites. The effects of the Digital Music Revolution and the basics of intellectual property law are also covered.
MP3 and the Digital Music Revolution
John V. Hedtke
Paperback - 247 pages Book & CD edition (April 1999)
Computer users can now save, play, and manipulate music on their computers from CDs, tapes, vinyl albums, and Internet sites using the MP3 format. Step-by-step instructions guide researchers through installing the software and integrating their stereo system with their home computer. From there, music can be converted between formats and visual effects can be added. Users can customize their own play lists, then record these lists on tape or CD. Information on buying digital music on-line, finding free music on-line and piracy and copyright law is included.
Complete Idiot's Guide to MP3: Music on the Internet
Rod Underhill, Nat Gertler
Paperback- 294 pages Book & CD-ROM Edition (February 1999)
Authors Roy Underhill and Nat Gertler give you a history of how MP3 came to exist and what the technology is. See how and where to find the technology and the music. Explore the legal issues that are brewing from recording companies and artists, what the implications are for the public, and what can and cannot be digitized. Roy and Nat share with you the "digital successes" of bands and individuals who have prospered through MP3. They offer pointers and tips for would-be artists who want to make a run for the music industry. CD-ROM contains Shareware, MP3 players and encoders, 50+ songs, and long non-music works such as books on tape.
Audio on the Web: The Official IUMA Guide
Jeff Patterson, Ryan Melcher
Paperback - 203 pages Book & CD-ROM Edition (July 1998)
Whether it's music, voice, or ambient noise, your Web site is crying out for sound. Let the geniuses behind the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) teach you how to create, compress, and optimize downloadable and streaming audio for the Web, then post clips to your site for peak user experience. The accompanying CDROM contains a variety of software utilities and sample digitized songs.
Web Guide to Streaming Multimedia
Jose Alvear
Paperback - 448 pages Book & CD-ROM Edition (May 1998)
This book shows Webmasters and Web developers how to add streaming multimedia capacity to their Web sites in order to make them much more interactive than ever before possible. Jose Alvear explains how streaming works, weighs the advantages of different technologies, and helps readers choose the right strategy. The CD-ROM includes demo copies of RealPlayer and other popular multimedia programs. If you want to learn how to add streaming multimedia capacity to your websites to make them much more interactive than ever before possible, you need this book. Well-known software/multimedia professional Jose Alvear explains how streaming works, weighs streaming's various advantages and disadvantages, and helps Web developers choose the right strategy and hardware and software for their sites. He provides step-by-step instructions for fully exploiting various approaches to streaming, and highlights important do's and don'ts. The enclosed CD-ROM allows you to practice all of the techniques in the book as well as use multimedia tools like audio and video editors.
Cutting Edge Web Audio
Ron Simpson
Paperback - 576 pages (March 1998)
Here's your chance to learn all you head to know to deploy high-quality audio on the Web, from creating content to choosing formats — and beyond. Discover the ins and outs of RealAudio, Shockwave Audio, Liquid Audio, QuickTime, MIDI, ProTools 4.0 and more. Cutting Edge Web Audio brings together a collection of audio resources for the Web developer! You'll find complete demo versions of several state-of-the-art Web audio tools — along with the world's best Web audio shareware and freeware. Plus dozens of great music and sound clips from the Cyber Tunz collection — a $25.00 value!
Internet Audio Sourcebook
Lee Purcell
>Paperback - 553 pages Book & CD-ROM Edition (September 1997)
Covering the gambit from General MIDI to Liquid Audio, this excellent guide explores all of the current and upcoming technologies available for distributing audio over the Internet. The book explores each solution in detail, walking you through the process of creation and deployment, with a focus on the variety of tools you'll need to master. Many of these — plus some general HTML and Java utilities — are included on the bundled CD-ROM as demos or trial versions. Internet Audio Sourcebook discusses the pros and cons of various scripting and streaming solutions — quality versus bandwidth, available user base — in each section. There's even a chapter that serves as a digital home studio primer, introducing basic audio and setup concepts that are essential for preparing audio for Internet distribution and just good to understand. The chapter on MIDI is an excellent explanation of an often misused, misunderstood, and much maligned format. You will also find discussions of real-time communication, voice synthesis, and voice recognition. Appendices cover HTML 3.2 and other sources of audio and Internet information, and the glossary provides quick reference for many of the terms used throughout the text.
Website Sound
Jim Cline
Paperback - 434 pages Book & CD-ROM Edition (January 1997)
This is the first complete guide to using audio over the World Wide Web. It includes in-depth coverage of the different audio software packages available and advanced techniques like live audio feeds. Discusses popular plug-in and creation tools, such as Real Audio and VoxWare. Details how to serve multimedia audio, including Java and Shockwave. CD-ROM includes browser audio plug-ins, sound editing software demos, sample sound files, and sound file utilities.