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Ace of WAVTM 2.7

The sound editor formerly known as Acid WAVTM

Simply the best sound editor and synthesizer for 32 bit Windows. Now with OpenDSP!

Turn your PC into a sampler; use any WAV as a MIDI instrument!
MellosoftronTM 3.4
MIDInight ExpressTM 2.7

Wavetable playback and recording without a wavetable card. FREE!

The official General MIDI and GS library CD-ROM for the Mellosoftron & MIDInight Express.
GSound 22TM
WAVmakerTM 3.7

CD+ quality, all-digital MIDI to WAV rendering with programmable effect chains, tune tables and more!

Use the Mellosoftron's low-latency sound engine in your own programs!
Virtual Sampler SDKTM 1.5