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Use the Mellosoftron's sound engine in your own programs!

Whether you are using Watcom C/C++, Visual C/C++, C++ Builder, Delphi or Visual Basic, you can now have a low-latency, fully programmable wavetable module taking care of both sound effects and music - even on systems without a wavetable card!

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All you need is the Virtual Sampler LibraryTM - the sound engine also powering the award-winning Mellosoftron virtual sampler - and the interface files, API reference and examples contained in the Virtual Sampler SDKTM.

With the Virtual Sampler Library, you play both sound effects and music by issuing MIDI messages to as many as 65 536 separate input channels.

When dealing with sound effects, you are relieved of the need to negotiate the intricacies of DirectSound programming or (worse) of hardware-specific APIs, but retain the ability to synchronize screen and audio events precisely.

When dealing with music, you can use standard MIDI tools to create your songs, and yet know exactly what the user will hear, independently of his or her synthesizer hardware. The Mellosoftron - included in the Virtual Sampler SDK - lets you turn any WAV into an instrument at the click of a button, and to edit and test your patches in real time.