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The new wave in sound editing and synthesis for Windows    

Ace of WAV* is an innovative sound editor and synthesizer, featuring:

an unparalleled set of powerful, customizable synthesis and editing functions+
an intuitive user interface
visual scripting for easy automation of repetitive tasks
a built-in OpenDSPTM development environment for the creation of your own plug-ins using the ActiveX Scripting language of your choice.

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*Formerly known as Acid WAVTM
+Trim, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste mix, Insert file, Mix files, Insert silence, Swap channels, Duplicate channel, Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bits, Echo, Hall reverb, Chapel reverb, Chamber reverb, Custom reverb, Virtual room, Reverse, Stretch, Tremolo, Vibrato, Chorus, Flange, Ring modulate, Amplify, Envelop, Maximize, Offset, Invert, Gate, Clip, Distort, Rectify, Quantize, Interpolate, Gated delete, Compress/Expand, Low pass, High pass, Band pass, Band stop, Resonate, Notch, Equalize, Convolve, Vocode, Resample, Modulate, Pitch shift, Reduce noise, Draw wave, Additive synth, Analog synth, FM synth, Karplus-Strong...

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