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All songs listed here are original MIDI compositions rendered "as is" (i.e. unedited) to CD quality audio using WAVmaker and then encoded to 128 kbps MP3s.



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Description (by Tommy)

Aenigma Dance Aenigma Dance 1:36 1502 Gerald Delown Tolman A triumphant dance-style piece that sounds like it could have come out of the annual Eurovision song contest - and won it!
Blue Grass Boogie Blue Grass Boogie 2:31 2365 William A. Dickson Sometimes the title really says it all. If you ever wondered what a high-speed collision between a bunch of blue-grass rednecks and a boogie pianoman would sound like, wonder no more.
Bill's Boogie Bill's Boogie 2:59 2800 William A. Dickson An orthodox (no, that does not mean boring!) boogie by the same composer.
Blue Cafe Blue Cafe 2:14 2101 Ari Kokkonen Steamiest jazz organ I've heard in a long time, with a cool sax and plenty of drum action to back it up.
Brave New World Brave New World 2:40 2515 Thomas C. Gannon Very, very classy! The kind of music that you might have danced to on a transatlantic cruise a long time ago - assuming that you could have afforded a first class ticket, that is.
Browsin' {karaoke} Browsin' {karaoke} 2:33 2394 Thomas C. Gannon Another elegant tune by the same composer.
DiscoFunk DiscoFunk 2:01 1897 Anders Kornerup A piece that smacks of 70's nostalgia. Remember when a piano, a 4/4 drum beat and a funky bass line were all it took to be Real Hip? Guess not - most of you kids weren't even around back then. ;^)
Expendable Young Men Expendable Young Men 2:47 2620 William A. Dickson OK, so I have a weak spot for William Dickson's music. This one is a slow, melancholic tune about all the Private Ryans of history.
Funkwalk Funkwalk 1:22 1283 James Regan Concise, technically accomplished funk.
Hystereo Hystereo 2:38 2469 Fredrik Sand So you think you're stressed out? Just listen to this! The best description I can come up with is techno on a caffeine overdose.
Modem blues Modem blues 2:23 2248 Giuseppe Primerano A laid-back tune for the late-night cyber-surfer.
Peppermint Sky Peppermint Sky 2:58 2785 William A. Dickson Yes, more Dickson! This one is a cool jazz piece.
Pop Pop 3:08 2944 Fredrik Sand Another contender for the Eurovision song contest?
Steel Steel 1:09 1084 James Regan More to-the-point, no-time-wasted funk.
Trio in A minor Trio in A minor 1:25 1341 Gerald Delown Tolman Think you don't like classical music? Try this one - if it won't make you change your mind, you're beyond all hope.
Yumpin Yimminy Yumpin Yimminy 2:20 2203 Harold Ray The circus is in town, kids!

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